MMoCHi - MultiModal Classifier Hierarchy

MMoCHi is a hierarchical classification system designed for CITE-Seq data, but applicable to diverse single-cell sequencing modalities. It includes tools for:

  1. Integrating data of Antibody Derived Tag (ADT) expression
  2. High-confidence thresholding of cell populations using ADT expression, gene expression, and cell metadata
  3. Building a hierarchy of cell subset classifiers
  4. Training and evaluating random forest classifiers at each hierarchy level
  • To get started with MMoCHi, see Installation, Tutorials, and Example Hierarchies.
  • For more details on formatting your data correctly, read the Input and Output Specifications.
  • For complete documentation, check out our API.
  • Check out our Github!
  • Read our preprint: Daniel P. Caron, William L. Specht, David Chen, Steven B. Wells, Peter A. Szabo, Isaac J. Jensen, Donna L. Farber, Peter A. Sims. “Multimodal hierarchical classification of CITE-seq data delineates immune cell states across lineages and tissues.” bioRxiv, 2023 [Open access article]